Keeping motivated

Well, I created this blog because there’s something therapeutic about writing down thoughts for me. I also find myself to be incredibly scatter brained so maybe that has something to do with it. 

Another thing I’ve noticed about myself: I like a challenge. I’m going to run the River Valley Run in Mid August. It’s a 10k trail run (about 6 miles). It’s ranked as the number 4 trail run in the country so, im preparing for some pretty serious runners. Me on the other hand, I just like to run. Actually, it’s much more of a love/hate relationship. But something about crossing the finish line motivates me. I’ve started running through trails in Gunpowder State Park to train. It’s so peaceful, almost creepy. I came on a pond last time and i stopped to take it in and splash my arms with cool water. A frog, im assuming, made a spalsh and it seemed so loud just because the woods are so quiet. All you can hear is yourself breathing and an occasional branch snap or critter scurrying. 

Ever since i started running long distances, about 2 years ago, my hip flexors have given me some issues. I saw a personal trainer a few days ago who gave me an awesome routine to help strengthen them and my back/core. 

Hopefully I can get a long run in this evening. 



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