Sunday evenings…sigh


Ever since college ended It has been quite an adjustment to a normal ‘working girl’ schedule. At Salisbury pretty much every day you didn’t have to be up early ( which was like,noon) was a weekend.

I did have a really great weekend. I love to be around happy peopls, funny people, smart kind and loving people. I’m so happy I got to see my friends from college at Carly’s graduation party. And even better, I’ll be with them allll day Saturday in Philly for an all day concert. Yipppeee sunshine friends and bass. What more could I ask for?

My birthday is in 30 minutes! 😮 Nick’s cooking me dinner tomorrow night. I’m sure it will be delicious! I was able to hit the gym tonight. I’m going to stay on track with these hip/back/core exercises so I can feel better about running. I’ll post the exercises sometime this week.

Side note: my laptop is giving me ALL sorts of stress. I’m writing this via iphone.

only worry about things you can control


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