Apparently on any given day in America, approximately 710,000 people celebrate their birthdays. Perhaps this is why my birthday this year didn’t seem so special. After living and traveling abroad for 3 months, I realized just how small each individual on this Earth is in the grand scheme of things. Now, I don’t mean this to come off in a negative pessimistic way at all. I mean the exact opposite. It’s incredible what the universe holds out there…back to my birthday before I start off on a whole other rant..

Since I turned 22 on the 22nd it qualifies as my ‘golden birthday’ which only comes once in a persons life time. Pretty neat…we’ll see if something just as neat happens to me this week. Thanks to my boyfriend, Nick for the delicious dinner of stir-fry shrimp and wine, my brother for the ice cream cake, and my parents, friends and family for their gifts, constant love and support and well-wishes! Cheers 🙂

Happy golden birthday to me!

Happy golden birthday to me!


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