40 GIFs That Prove Every Day Is Mean Girls Day

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Thought Catalog

Back in the day, we had Chicken Soup for the Soul to cheer us up, a little book of wisdom and aphorism that made us feel as if we were going to be okay, no matter what. It was always there to make us feel good again. Today, we have Mean Girls, a little film that happens to be applicable to every life situation. There’s a Mean Girls reference for every situation and if you really wanted to, you could communicate only in Mean Girls quotes. However, that takes a level of devotion I do not possess.

When you’re feeling down, here are some Mean Girls gifs to help get you through the day. October 3 is the official observance of Mean Girls Day, but let’s be honest: Mean Girls Day is every day.

Note: All GIFs are from the fabulous ‘Mean Girls’. Buy it here.

1. When You’re Feeling…

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