Apparently on any given day in America, approximately 710,000 people celebrate their birthdays. Perhaps this is why my birthday this year didn’t seem so special. After living and traveling abroad for 3 months, I realized just how small each individual on this Earth is in the grand scheme of things. Now, I don’t mean this to come off in a negative pessimistic way at all. I mean the exact opposite. It’s incredible what the universe holds out there…back to my birthday before I start off on a whole other rant..

Since I turned 22 on the 22nd it qualifies as my ‘golden birthday’ which only comes once in a persons life time. Pretty neat…we’ll see if something just as neat happens to me this week. Thanks to my boyfriend, Nick for the delicious dinner of stir-fry shrimp and wine, my brother for the ice cream cake, and my parents, friends and family for their gifts, constant love and support and well-wishes! Cheers 🙂

Happy golden birthday to me!

Happy golden birthday to me!


Helpful Article & Video on Yoga for your Desk-Job

ahhh…pigeon pose is the best for tight hips ater sitting all day!

Sunday evenings…sigh


Ever since college ended It has been quite an adjustment to a normal ‘working girl’ schedule. At Salisbury pretty much every day you didn’t have to be up early ( which was like,noon) was a weekend.

I did have a really great weekend. I love to be around happy peopls, funny people, smart kind and loving people. I’m so happy I got to see my friends from college at Carly’s graduation party. And even better, I’ll be with them allll day Saturday in Philly for an all day concert. Yipppeee sunshine friends and bass. What more could I ask for?

My birthday is in 30 minutes! 😮 Nick’s cooking me dinner tomorrow night. I’m sure it will be delicious! I was able to hit the gym tonight. I’m going to stay on track with these hip/back/core exercises so I can feel better about running. I’ll post the exercises sometime this week.

Side note: my laptop is giving me ALL sorts of stress. I’m writing this via iphone.

only worry about things you can control

If you can’t say anything nice, say something sarcastic and witty

First night out in downtown Annapolis was an awesomely fun success! I’m thankful that all of my co-workers who know the ins and outs of the city are so nice. My friends from college, Sean and Ari, who have been dating for a while, joined Nick and I for dinner at Dock Street Bar and Grille.

Jessica, who works at GE with me, reccomemed this place for their crabcakes specifically. It being my ‘birthday’ dinner, of course I had the crabcake entree. It was delicious! The flavor was good and there wasn’t a lot of filling. Although, it’s hard to beat the famous Pappa’s cake.

We made our way to Level, a classy establishment if I do say so, located uptown. The specialty drinks run from 9-14 bucks but they’re worth it. Ari and I each had a Tangier Nectar, jhfgjhsgjfkdhgjk. Perfect combo of sweet and tangy. More drinks ensued when we went back to Dock Street. We hung out upstairs where there’s a dj, dancefloor, fog machine (yes). It was a good time…reminded me of a local bar in Salisbury…filled with drunk people ‘dancing’ 🙂

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Pusser’s is one of the only places that doesn’t have cover in Annapolis on the weekends. It was crowded but there was an outisde bar right along the water. I met some fellow phishheads.

So, the apartment/condo/house-for-rent search/whatever-I-can-afford search continues. Luckily Nick is a man (a construction man at that) and knows more about this than I do…

I’m looking forward to having some space of my own in a town that I really love. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents to death, but to go from living without them for 4 years to I-can-hear-my-dad-snoring is a lot. But my mom sure can cook…

Off to a graduation party!

Keeping motivated

Well, I created this blog because there’s something therapeutic about writing down thoughts for me. I also find myself to be incredibly scatter brained so maybe that has something to do with it. 

Another thing I’ve noticed about myself: I like a challenge. I’m going to run the River Valley Run in Mid August. It’s a 10k trail run (about 6 miles). It’s ranked as the number 4 trail run in the country so, im preparing for some pretty serious runners. Me on the other hand, I just like to run. Actually, it’s much more of a love/hate relationship. But something about crossing the finish line motivates me. I’ve started running through trails in Gunpowder State Park to train. It’s so peaceful, almost creepy. I came on a pond last time and i stopped to take it in and splash my arms with cool water. A frog, im assuming, made a spalsh and it seemed so loud just because the woods are so quiet. All you can hear is yourself breathing and an occasional branch snap or critter scurrying. 

Ever since i started running long distances, about 2 years ago, my hip flexors have given me some issues. I saw a personal trainer a few days ago who gave me an awesome routine to help strengthen them and my back/core. 

Hopefully I can get a long run in this evening.