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Bodies take form in the gym, but they begin in the kitchen!

It’s no secret that getting a hot bod takes two ingredients: diet and exercise. For some people, that phrase makes them cringe. “Diet” doesn’t have to mean give up everything you like and eat a bowl of lettuce three times a day. C’mon people…read a book or something.

A clean diet is the key! For starters, get rid of the the 3 s’s’. Sugar. Spirits, Salt. Basically sugar=fat. Stay away from candy, snack foods with loads of sugar, cereals and packaged foods can also be culprits of added sugar. There are plenty of foods high in sugar that are still good for you, like apples and milk. I, for example prefer berries and soy milk. Spirits are just a form of empty calories. Now, I’m a 22 year old college graduate who likes to have fun and live life like a celebration. Just wanted to clear that up before someone points the hypocrite finger. The thing with alcohol is that it literally has zero nutritional benefits. No protein, empty cards, high in calories, no vitamins or minerals. However, I will forever stand by research supporting the antioxidant levels in red win 🙂 Enjoy a few drinks with your friends on the weekends, but avoid mixed drinks with soda or red bull. I like to opt for vodka+seltzer with lemon and lime for less sugar and refreshing fruit. Salt just makes you look bloated and it aint good for ya in large quantities. Instead of dumping a small blizzard of salt on your dinner, try just 2 dashes and some more pepper. Deli lunch meats and cheeses are also added salt culprits. Do research, get educated, read labels is the best advice I can give.


Eat your colors!

Being a health-conscious, exercise-lovin vegetarian, I’m always looking for new recipes or ways to get more protien into my diet. I also don’t have tons of time or money to spend. This week I made some quinoa and mixed it with some pre-shelled edamame, dash of peper, some syracha and bam! An easy, cheap, protein packed snack/side.

Calling fellow herbivores! Comment with some of your favorite food ideas!