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10 Things Post-Grad Life Has Taught Me

Post-grad life is a mix of awesome and awful. It’s a weird place to be….a sort-of adult, a sort-of professional, a sort-of stuck-in-college-mode person. After four years of the freedom they call college, my summer back at home with my parents and 19-year-old brother has taught me some stuff.

  • never take your friends or family for granted- your support network is a precious thing.
  • sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone- take a deep breath and do it.
  • there really is no place like home- or the comfort of your own bed
  • change is inevitable- brace for it- remember your friends and family are there for you.
  • whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend was wrong


  • embrace your strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses- network and never burn any bridges.
  • keep your master resume updated
  • bills suck- learn how to budget asap
  • listen equally to your head and your heart- the eternal struggle.
  • it’s not the end of the world- life goes on.